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O-ring Properties Applications


Good resistance to petroleum hydrocarbons and fuels.
Widely used with most oils, hydraulic fluids, alcohol.
Many compound variations for specific applications.
Basic temperature range:  -20 to +140

Petroleum oil seals
Hydraulic fluid seals
Water / Greases
Transmission fluid seals

Fluorocarbon (FKM)

Excellent high temperature and chemical resistance.
Excellent mechanical and physical properties.
Low compression set and low gas permeability.
Basic temperature range:  -10 to +220

Vacuum seals
Acids / Fuels
High heat
Chemicals / Solvents


High temperature and chemical resistance.
Excellent resistance to chemicals.
Excellent outgassing performance in vacuums.
Low compression set.
Various compounds for specific applications.
Basic temperature range: -15 to +330

All Semiconductor equipments


High temperature



Broad temperature range.  Odorless / non-toxic.
Resistance to sun and ozone.  Fungus resistant.
Poor tear and abrasion strength.  Poor resistance to oils.
Basic temperature range:  -40 to +220

Dry heat
Alcohol / Oxygen
Electrical / Medical
Low temperature

Ethylene Propylene

Resistance to sunlight, weathering and ozone.
Poor resistance to petroleum oils and fuel.
Good heat and compression set resistance.
Basic temperature range:  -36 to +140

Steam / Hot water
Hydraulic / Skydrol
Auto brake systems
Alcohol / Greases


Good resistance to petroleum oils.
Low compression set and good tear and abrasion strength.
Good resistance to weathering, sunlight and ozone.
Basic temperature range:  -20 to +125

Refrigeration seals
Freon / Air conditioning
Motor mounts
Engine coolants



Wide range of fluid and chemical resistance.
Large temperature range.
A mix of Fluorocarbon (Viton) and Silicone.
Basic temperature range:  -40 to +196

Aircraft fuel systems
Jet fuel / Gasoline
Petroleum oils
Synthetic jet oil


Excellent temperature range.
Various chemical and fuel resistance.
Low coefficient of friction.  Non-elastic.
Basic temperature range:  -140 to +250

High / Low temperatures
Chemicals / Fuels
Teflon Encapsulation
Teflon coating