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Introduction to

e-Kaiser ® Ek-9501 is a new beige-colored Perfluoroelastomer compound.

- High Temperature Resistance (>320℃)
- Excellent Plasma Resistance
- Low extractable metal ion
- Better heat resistance with some grades
- Better resistance to some aerospace fluids

Typical Physical Properties:

Elastomer Type    FFKM 
Color   Beige 
 Hardness , Shore A  Pts.  76
Tensile Strength   MPa   10.3
Elongation at Break  200
Modulus 100%  MPa  5
Compression Set, Max


- Deposition ( CVD ,PECVD,HDPCVD )

- Metallization ( PVD,CVD…)

- Door ,Slit valve , Lid , Windoes  , Gas inlet

- Isolator valves

This Perfluoroelastomer, e-KAISER®Ek-9501 is a newly
introduced product that specially developed for semiconductor or
LCD manufacturing process which needs specific requirements under severe environment.
This indicates that the composition of Ek-9501 could negatively impact
performance as for high temperature and plasma or different type of gases.
Parts made from Ek-9501 compound based system have the
ability to withstand continuous, in-service temperatures up to 300℃,
with peaks up to 320℃
The finished parts also feature improved compression set, for longer seal life and better sealing force retention